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We can supply a wide range of photopolymer and elastomer sleeves in many different qualities, types, sizes, etc.


We do not produce sleeves ourselves but use carefully-selected suppliers in Europe. They employ the la­test available technology and are market leaders in their field.


A sample print of the sleeves can be supplied. This shows exactly what there is on the various sleeves.


Photopolymer sleeves can be supplied in many variations, amongst others thin sleeves and digisleeves. These are of the same quality as digital photopolymer plates and can be produced in widths of up to 1450 mm. Infinity sleeves are digi­tal plates mounted on raw sleeves. When we use this technique, mounting becomes superfluous although the design cannot be seamless.


It is possi­ble to combine infinity sleeves with other sleeve variants or with ordinary digital plates. We supply laser-engraved sleeves made in elastomer materi­al in many types, colours, degrees of hardness, etc. They offer a high level of ink transfer and are often used in connection with production of large print runs.


Please contact us for advice or price quotations for any kind of sleeve.

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Reproflex Scandinavia offer services
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