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Quality Control

To ensure successful assignment progress, Repro­flex Scandinavia operates a very thorough internal quality control system. Entrance control is generated for all as­signments and we carry out both manual checks and checks using modern software while the as­signment is being produced.

Before the photopolymer plates are produced, assignments are checked by both the graphic designer and the group manager, in order to avoid misun­derstandings.

And, of course, all plates are subjected to a rigorous exit control and reports are filled out for customer documentation.

We measure quality, based on the number and nature of claims. All in-house groups contribute through independent quality meas­urements and registration. This means that we always have full traceability in production. Our procedures are changed as and when the need arises.

Weekly meetings at which all in-house depart­ments are represented ensure the continuous development of our quality system.

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Reproflex Scandinavia offer services
within Brand management – including
prepress for flexible Packgaging,
Labels, Preprint Postprint,
Cartons and Gravure jobs.