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We use GMG for production of our digital proof. We produce print profiles for colour management of our proof. The customer’s fingerprint is meas­ured using a photo spectrometer and is saved as a profile. Colour density, colour shade and, of course, dot gain are measured.

Our profile control procedures ensure a very high degree of conformity between proof and the finished packaging. We produce proof on different paper types, but can also produce FlexoProof on most types of printing paper and foils. We produce Kodak Approval Proof and are able to deliver proofs on the printing substrate you wish. We can handle several different types of film, metallic foil, and cardboard as well as transparent material from Kodak. We can create prototypes, so the packaging becomes very realistic. The proof is build up with dots, and, in addition to CMYK, we can print white, gold, silver and any Pantone colours. On all proofs, there is a strip which is scanned by a photo spectrometer. This allows us to check that no errors have occurred in the process.

Our experience with the digital proofing system is extensive, as we have many years' colour management experience.

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