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Kodak NX plates

As the only company in Scandinavia, Reproflex Scandinavia supplies high-quality Kodak Flexcel NX plates.

In recent years, Reproflex has worked intensively with Kodak, to test and develop the new Kodak Flexcel NX flexo plate technology, and introduce it in the market. Reproflex has now invested in this new techno­logy.

We produce printing plates on a day-to-day basis to customers in Denmark, Sweden, Norway, and most recently also to Germany.

The new Kodak Digicap NX Screening feature is designed to further improve the visual impact of flexible package printing by dramatically impro­ving ink transfer. Regardless of the design or line screen, Kodak Flexcel NX Plates with Digicap NX Screening provide higher print densities, better print contrast and cleaner tones. The new technology makes it possible to create a job which was previously made in eight colours, in only five (CMYK+white).

The technology brings significant cost savings to our customers, and, at the same time, our customers achieve a printing quality si­milar or even better than gravure printing. We carry out a long sequence of control measures before sending the plates to the customer.

We can show you a collection of production jobs with a outstanding print result, achieved using this outstanding new technology.

Please contact Mr. Steen Madsen from Reproflex to make an appointment.

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Reproflex Scandinavia offer services
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