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CDI plates

In our plate department, where we produce photopolymer plates in two shift days, control and quality are keywords. 

Photopolymer plates are produced using the latest technology. They are exposed on our CDI from EskoArtwork and are washed and dried on equipment from ViaNord andDupont. We can produce photopolymer plates in sizes up to 127 x 203 cm.

Our strict control measures and careful selection of plate type mean that we are able to deliver plates of a quality to match the very best in Europe.

Every plate we produce on our plate equipment has a wedge, which we measure to check that laser power and focus are correct. If a plate does not meet our quality requirements, the plate equipment is adjusted and a new plate produced.

We carry out a long sequence of control measures before sending the plates to the customer. A colour print and documentation of checks completed are sent to the customer along with the plates. We produce more than 12,000 m2 photopolymer-plates every year. We use material from Dupont and Flint, and stock most plates.

Please contact us if you require guidance in choosing photopolymer types for your next packaging task.


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