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New "Supermarket" opens in Kolding

10 April 2013

In our new building, there is also room for a small supermarket, which will display

some of the products for which we manufacture design, data and plates. It will provide customers, suppliers and associates with an excellent overview of the kind of tasks we undertake.


There will be the opportunity to see many different packaging solutions. So if you want to get an overview of the many options available with packaging today, it would be a good idea to visit Reproflex Scandinavia and take a walk around our supermarket.





More news

Reproflex Scandinavia A/S join partnership with Repro & Design ApS

October 2019

The market leading prepress and flexo plate supplier Reproflex Scandinavia A/S has acquired Repro & Design ApS. The owners and management of Repro & Design, Camilla Ryberg and Jesper Haagen, will continue in their current roles and become co-owners of Reproflex Scandinavia A/S.

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Partnership with VækstPartner Kapital

November 2018

The market leading prepress and flexo plate supplier Reproflex Scandinavia A/S has teamed up with VækstPartner Kapital, a growth equity fund, to enable further growth and internationalization.

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Bellissima DMS Screening

March 2018

Reproflex Scandinavia have initiated a cooperation with Hamillroad and Apex international covering a new technology called Bellissima DMS.

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New production server

January 2018

Reproflex has installed a new production server which can handle all types of data and all the automation tasks in our work flow.

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Soma Engineering

November 2017

In cooperation with Soma Engineering in the Czech Republic we have achieved some fantastic printing results on flexible film.

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Absolut Vodka design

October 2017

During the autumn we have produced a completely new series of packaging for Smurfit Kappa with the new design for Absolut Vodka.

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August 2017

We have implemented our new SoftTone+ Screening technology.

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Partnership with the Flint Group

July 2017

We have initiated a strategic partnership with the Flint Group, covering their new Flint Innovation Center located in Malmø, Sweden.

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Flint Flexo Expert Certification

20 May 2017

Reproflex Scandinavia has achieved the attractive Flint Flexo Expert certification. To obtain this certification, you must be in control of all processes in the production of flexo plates.

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Kodak NX update

09 January 2017

We have updated our Kodak NX system to the largest possible format.

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