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Premier Is - Denmark's favourite ice cream dairy

In the past two years, Mejerigaarden A/S has undergone major changes - two ice cream producers, Polar Is and Premier Is, have merged and the company has successfully created a new graphic identity, a new product range and has determined that for the future Mejerigaarden A/S shall be renamed Premier Is - because Premier Is is Denmark's favourite ice cream dairy!

At the same time, this is also the story of how about 65 different packaging designs were managed by an advertising agency, prepress, printing houses and the brand owner, and how the parties worked together to achieve common targets and a common understanding and succeeded in creating optimum-quality packaging - all the way from the design phase and out to the freezer!

Reproflex Scandinavia converts the data for use in the different printing methods, including labels, flexible foils, offset cartons, etc. The images are lithographed with profiles so that the item can be printed on a specific type of printing equipment. By doing this, we achieve a very close match between the trial print and the finished packaging - and we also ensure that there is uniformity between different printing methods, substrates and printing houses so that the packaging appears identical in stores everywhere.

This is also the story of how the new Flexcel NX printing plate has provided us with new opportunities for reducing the number of colours used in foil productions, while also optimising top-quality production! And it is also the story of a stunning product catalogue that has been produced using 3D packaging solutions. And, what's more, this catalogue was completed even before the packaging was printed and mass-produced!

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