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Kodak Flexcel NX

In recent years, Reproflex Scandinavia has produced increasing quantities of Kodak Flexcel NX plates for the packaging industry. We are the only repro-supplier in Scandinavia to offer this new type of plate which significantly improves the quality of the final print. Most Kodak Flexcel NX plates assignments are made for our export customers, primarily from Sweden, Norway and Germany.

However, we also produce and market Kodak Flexcel NX assignments for customers in other countries, who require quality at the same level as photogravure. Our home market has also received this new product with open arms. One Danish company, which has adopted this new and exciting product, is Danapak Flexibles A/S in Horsens. For some years now, Danapak has successfully used Kodak Flexcel NX plates in connection with a large number of advanced packaging assignments, most of these printed in CMYK + white.

The print assignments at Danapak feature strong contrasts and high-definition images and background colours and are produced in #54 raster quality. Other very demanding customers who have reaped the benefits of the new technology include Arla Foods, Toms Chokolade, Hatting and Malaco.

An added bonus for the printing houses of using Kodak Flexcel NX plates in production is that this solution provides significant savings in the production phase, due to shorter setting times and a rational printing process. By running flexo assignments in CMYK without using Pantone colours, Danapak achieves environmental benefits at the printing house because there are no surplus Pantone colours after printing.

This new model with four-colour, high-end solutions produced on Kodak Flexcel NX plates is becoming increasingly popular with Europe’s major flexo printing houses. And it is now available on our home ground, for example, at Danapak Flexibles A/S.

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