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Optimise your proofreading processes ...

WebCenter helps you manage and automate approval cycles securely, supported by a fast and accurate online viewing tool.

The collaboration tools in WebCenter help streamline communication between all partners in the packaging and printing supply chains. Work virtually or real-time with your internal creative, marketing, package design and engineering groups, external vendors and suppliers.

WebCenter keeps everyone on the same page by providing easy-to-use viewing and annotation tools.

You can view, mark up and approve CAD files, PDF files and image files in a browser with WebCenter’s high-resolution viewer. The viewer supports single page, multipage and imposition documents within the same viewing environment.

The viewer allows users to measure ink details and dimensions. You can consult the document history and give approvals. When more than one version is available, the compare tool highlights the differences. You can even compare different versions of different documents, giving you ultimate quality assurance and error detection.

Multiple users can even set up a collaboration session in which everyone is “connected”, viewing the same file with exactly the same view. As comments are made, all the other users can instantly see comments and corrections on screen in real time.

Please contact us if you would like us to demonstrate WebCenter.

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Reproflex Scandinavia A/S
Saturnvej 11
DK-6000 Kolding
T +45 7692 0800
cvr. nr: 24209784

Reproflex Scandinavia offer services
within Brand management – including
prepress for flexible Packgaging,
Labels, Preprint Postprint,
Cartons and Gravure jobs.