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Packaging in 3D

Offers flexibility and opportunities

Reproflex Scandinavia can create realistic 3D files or virtual packshot of your packaging. With a 3D PDF, you can use your packaging at presentations, when selling-in, etc., before it is produced. The 3D PDF is a great tool for quality control, and it is now possible to test dif­ferent designs and shapes. You only need the free Adobe Reader to view your next packaging in 3D.


Folding carton or corrugated packaging can be tough. There are many panels, some of them have odd orientations and sometimes it’s hard to see how your box folds and fits together. Drawings from your CAD system can be used or we can create them from a flat-die drawing.

Flexible packaging

No two flexible packages are the same. Pillow bags or pouches exist in many sizes and with all kinds of content. We can add air and liquid filling or insert a geometric shape to mimic your product. The result is a perfect 3D, so you can check that important design elements are not obstructed by fin seals or gussets.


Conical labels can be challenging: As they wrap around the container, the artwork is optically distorted. We can use a conic warp tool that can instantly warp selected art to make it appear straight again.

Shrink sleeves

One of the toughest assignments for a designer will often be designing for heat-shrink packaging. As the film shrinks, the branding and the design may be seriously compromised. So artwork needs to be repositioned or compensated. The design should be pre-distorted so it will fit on the final packaging. We can show you a PDF with the de­sign wrapped around e.g. a bottle, for approval.

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