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Mission & Vision

To supply our cooperative partners with efficient high-quality graphics solutions!

And by means of a high standard of service, competent day-to-day project management and our excellent

knowledge of customer needs, we will ensure that our customers receive excellent, trustworthy and objective advice.



To be the leading and preferred supplier of high-end pre-press services in Scandinavia.

And to ensure our customers unsurpassed day-to-day service and high quality – significantly exceeding customers' expectations.

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Reproflex Scandinavia A/S
Saturnvej 11
DK-6000 Kolding
T +45 7692 0800
cvr. nr: 24209784

Reproflex Scandinavia offer services
within Brand management – including
prepress for flexible Packgaging,
Labels, Preprint Postprint,
Cartons and Gravure jobs.